SATELLITE 2022 Booth Space Selection

Appointment Notification Process

Companies who contracted for booth space or sponsorship at SATELLITE 2021, and are in good financial standing with Access Intelligence, will be allowed to select booth space for SATELLITE 2021 during the onsite space selection process, taking place September 9 – 10, 2021 at the Sales Office, located in booth #1747 on the SATELLITE 2021 show floor.

Each company is assigned a priority order and an appointment date and time during which they can select their 2022 booth space. Companies may not select their booth space prior to their assigned appointment time, but they may select space after their appointment time has passed. Email notifications are sent to the main contact Access Intelligence has on file for the SATELLITE 2021 booth or sponsorship. If you are the main contact, you will receive the first notification on Wednesday, August 25, followed by reminder notifications on Tuesday, August 31 and Tuesday September 7.

Selecting a booth for SATELLITE 2022

There are two ways to select a booth space during the onsite space selection process for SATELLITE 2022. All assigned booth space MUST be accompanied by a signed contract. If you cannot sign a contract during space selection, you can select space after September 10 when you are prepared to sign a contract. We understand that not everyone will be prepared to sign a contract during space selection, but we must give those companies who are prepared to sign a contract the opportunity to select the best space available.

Ways to book:

  1. You or a representative can come to the Sales Office in booth #1747 during your appointment time to select a booth on the 2022 floor plan with the SATELLITE sales team. You will be expected to sign a contract at that time. If you cannot sign a contract, the booth will not be held for your company.
  2. If you or a representative are not able to be in-person during your appointment time, you can complete a proxy form to allow the SATELLITE sales team to select space in your absence during your appointment time. You will need to complete a proxy form and 2022 exhibit space contract, and send to no later than Monday, September 6.

Selecting Booth Space for SATELLITE 2022 After Space Selection

If you are unable to sign a contract during space selection and need to select space after the onsite space selection process, or if you are a new company to SATELLITE, you can select your booth space after the space selection process. You can select a booth from the available spaces on the show floor, and send your completed contract to Michael Cassinelli at

Selecting Booth Space via Proxy Form

Due to the fast paced nature of the space selection process, we will not be able to take phone calls or video calls to book space. Some companies may not be able to send a representative to select space in-person, because that person is unable to travel to SATELLITE or has other commitments at their appointed time. In this scenario, you may complete a proxy form to allow the SATELLITE sales team to select your booth space for you. You can list your preferred booth locations on the proxy form, and the sales team will make every effort to assign you a preferred location. Depending upon your priority order in the space selection process, many companies will choose booths before you and may select your preferred spots. The proxy form does NOT reserve your preferred booths prior to your appointment time. During your assigned appointment time, the sales team will select one of your preferred booths based on availability, and will select the next best available location if all of your preferred booths have been reserved by other companies.

In order to take advantage of the proxy process, you will need to send the completed proxy form and 2022 exhibit space contract to Michael Cassinelli at by Monday, September 6.

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